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Debbie Gordon – aka @amustread.com

About Me

I’m a certified sommelier (CMS) with a penchant for wine travel and unearthing the story behind the grape…..

You can reach me at debbiegordonhere@gmail.com  Um…. I’m sharing this email with a certain amount of trepidation and hope you will treat it with the care and respect it deserves (in other words, don’t spam me).

Interview with @amustread

Internet: Nice pithy bio @amustread, but do you have a name?

@amustread: Yes I do.

Internet: Are you going to share it?

@amustread: Um, yeah, it’s Debbie Gordon.

Internet: Why the foot-dragging?

@amustread: Writing about myself has never been my favourite thing. I have a pretty small digital footprint and that’s largely been on purpose….but here I am blogging to the wine-curious WORLD (or at least my dog and drinking partner @fermentedpooch  :-).

Titan Stonehammer


Internet: And where do you live Debbie?

@amustread: I live in Toronto….between two glorious Canadian wine regions….Niagara and Prince Edward County.

Internet: And personal geography is why you decided to be a sommelier?

@amustread: Um, no. That’s just good fortune. I decided to be a sommelier because I had accumulated a ridiculous amount of knowledge about wine and I thought I should have something to show for it besides a new corkscrew, binders full of research and a much more expensive wine habit.

Internet: …and what chic bistro do you work at?

@amustread: Ah no, I am one of those sommeliers who will probably never work the floor. Not my thing, but I love to learn, I love to write, I love to drink wine and I want to share all that research with people who like wine.

Internet: So you like to research what to drink?

@amustread: Sure, but what I really like a good back story. I love to drill down on a bottle of wine and understand the geography of a wine, who made it, the grapes that produced the wine, the direction the rows were planted in, the direction the wind blows…you know…. the backstory.

Internet: Whoa you are a nerd! Most people just want to drink the stuff and get a wee buzz-on.

@amustread: Yeah and I’m good with that too, the social aspects of wine are important, and I love the opportunity to help people pair food and wine. But deep down, I’m really a storyteller.

Internet: So why should people read your blog and not Natalie’s or the folly wine blog or the anorak from the UK who obsesses over wine details?

@amustread: Excellent question. I read those other blogs all the time. I would say read them AND me. My background is communications and I’ve worked as a market researcher, in advertising, as a journalist and these days as a kids’ media researcher. I think it’s fair to say I bring a different perspective to my wine worldview.

Internet: So it’s the kids that drive you to drink?

@amustread: And travel. Drink and travel…..



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